Hand Poke Tattoos

Long before the invention of the tattoo machine, tattoos were done using sticks and thorns. This traditional method of tattooing has been practiced by nearly every civilisation across various continents through time. This art form dated back to thousands of years. The earliest tattoos were found on Egyptian mummies. They were widely present in India too, specifically within various tribes who would practice this art form and still do today.

Hand Poke also known as stick & poke tattoos were created using needles fashioned out of sticks and thorns. The makeshift needle would be dipped into an ink or colour made from flowers, charcoal and other organic compounds sourced from nature, then injected into the skin one dot at a time. These tattoos were relatively simple in design. They can be classified as dot work, multiple dots made in close proxi

mity to each other would form lines that make the tattoo.

Tatau Tattoo & Piercing Studio is now bringing this traditional art form to you. The newest addition to the team, Sarvesh Raul has been honing his art for the last two years and now he is bringing his craft to you at Tatau Mumbai.

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