Think Before You Ink.

"You may lose your most valuable property through misfortune in various ways. You may lose your house, your spouse and other treasures. But of your tattoo, you cannot be deprived except by death. It will be your ornament and companion until your last day"

The art of tattooing has been in existence for hundreds of years and is one of the oldest forms of art, laden with as many different meanings as there are global cultures.

Though there is no proof of its single form origin it has its mention in many of the oldest cultures of the world such as China, Egypt, Greece, Tahiti and of course India as well. Would you believe that in certain cultures of north and North-east India believe that the money that one would spend on tattooing is the money that you would have to spend in heaven!!

In the olden ages this art has signified owners’ skills, owners’ tribe recognition, passage to adulthood, identification etc. over the years it has moved to personal sentiment, bold statement, fashion, memorial art, fondness to a certain someone or something and so on.

In the recent past tattooing has come a long way to being acceptable in India. Today people look at it as an art of expression more than a mark of evil/bad. The concepts that one can work on are dime a dozen, however, one needs to choose the right design that would speak of themselves and something that one would never get bored of.

Deciding on a concept or a design is of the utmost importance and one needs to spend enough time on it. This is not impulse shopping where u can decide to not wear it in case u get bored of it. Concepts could range from floral, Angels, Fairies, Animals, Portraits, religious, situations etc. one should give the entire exercise good time and thought.

A tattoo is very personal, unique to you, sacred to some, sometimes an attitude or a fashion statement and sometimes an obsession.

Also remember that as much as it is important to give ur design a lot of time and thought, you also need to invest time in finding the right Artist.

You may find the design that you love but if you stumble upon an amateur then it will ruin your sentiment.

When you plan a tattoo, finalize on the design and not the budget!! If you dont have the dough now, its worth the wait, but not worth compromising on your art.

If you have the design, size and dough ready, give a lot of thought to the placement as well. The Design and size also need to compliment the Canvas. You need to give yourself a lot of time and thought before you decide.

There is one more aspect you need to keep in mind when u r deciding on the placement, your future aspirations. You need to understand that certain segments of the industry do not appreciate visible tattoos such as the Airlines, Hospitality etc. You need to keep that in mind before making the tattoo. Though a tattoo can be removed with the help of Laser or Plastic surgery but that could be pretty expensive.

The concept of your tattoo is of utmost importance, I’ve had people walk in asking me ‘ Hey, what’s in fashion’ and all I have tell them is ‘ Temp Tattoos’ J . So its extremely necessary that you spend time on your design. One of our client had lost his dad and he wanted a memorial tattoo that would signify his personality, love and his departure to the heavenly abode. We had to depict his love for all, god fearing person, his love to his job (mechanic) and now he has flown away to God. And we created the tattoo or him accordingly.

We’ve had a client making a tattoo of a Key when he got the possession of his first house, which he had thought that he’d never be able to afford. There are a lot of interesting concepts that people work with and it definitely does add a lot of importance to the tattoo.

Hence, No matter what you get and where you get it -

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