Lets Talk Piercing's

If you are looking to get a piercing and are new to the world of Piercings, this is the article for you, we are sure that you would have a lot of questions and we hope this answers most of them. The art of piercing is quite old, there are records from over 5000 years, showing both men and women getting different body parts pierced. The trend of body piercing in today's times is picking up, especially in the big cities in the country. Below are the 5 things to keep in mind before getting your very first piercing.

1. Relationship with your Piercer.

Having a good and healthy relationship with your piercer can go a long way. Piercings can be intimidating sometimes and your piercer is the one who will guide you through it. While doing a piercing, you must have faith and trust in your piercer, that he or she will do what's best for you. You must feel free to ask questions, know more about the procedures and be open to recommendations from your piercer. All of this comes more naturally if you have a good relationship with them.

2. Hygiene and a sterile piercing environment.

After living through Covid 19, I'm sure that everybody is well aware of the importance of hygiene. though just washing your hands might not be enough during a piercing. A piercing in the essence is a wound, it exposes your body to germs and infections if not done and cared for properly. It is very important for you to make sure that all the tools that are used are properly sterilized and that the piercer is using a new needle for each of your piercings. A needle must not be used again even on the same piercing. It must be disposed of as soon as it has served its purpose. Extra precautions like surgical gloves ad a sterilized table also go a long way in making sure that you are safe.

3. Everybody is different.

Everybody is different, some big, some small, etc. Every person is unique, the shapes that make us unique to us. This is important to keep in mind when going in for a piercing. Especially when considering the type of piercing you want and where that piercing can be placed. It is important to listen to your piercer's advice in these matters.

4. Say no to the gun.

Gun piercings are something one must stay away from for a few reasons. Gun piercings are harmful to your body in more than one way. The Gun that is used generally at Jewellery shops or at kiosks at malls is a tool that is mostly very unsanitary. A gun cannot be use and throw, as it is a piece of expensive equipment and the needle is not detachable. The guns are made of plastic and cannot be sterilized in an autoclave, which is a tool used to sterilize piercing equipment. The gun would melt. You could possibly risk getting your piercing infected because of this. Secondly, the gun uses what in Medical science call Blunt forced trauma to make the piercing. This could create major tissue damage and cause the piercing to hurt a lot more and take way longer to heal. This could also cause permanent damage to your body, which would be unfortunate.

5. After Care is important.

Aftercare is the most important point on this list. piercings are wounds and for them to heal properly you must take care of them. you must follow the do's and don'ts that your piercer lays out for you. This includes no getting into pools or any public water body, no extreme excursion of the pierced area, washing the piercing and keeping it dry all the time. You must make sure that the piercing is clean at all times and the most important thing to remember is to not touch and play the piercing. After a few weeks make sure that you go back to your piercer to make sure everything is in order and to downsize your jewellery for a snug fit.

It will hurt a little bit while doing the piercing, the pain is different for everybody, some people feel just a pinch some might feel a lot of pain. as we talked about earlier, every person's body is different. Your Piercer will help you through this. There will be a little blood and redness for some time, this is nothing to worry about as it is quite natural for the body to bleed a little when pierced. This will subside very soon and you will be left with a piercing for you to enjoy.

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