India's tattoo industry is growing and looking promising

Approximately Rs. 20,000 crore is generated by India's tattoo industry each year. Many tattoo shops can be found throughout the country. This industry is on the rise. Indian community members have been engaging in body art for centuries, but tattoos have only become a popular trend in recent years. Teenagers are increasingly interested in tribal adaptations of current trends and simplified artwork.

The use of tattoos in India dates back thousands of years to its use as a mark of status. People have used tattoos for many different reasons across the country, not just to beautify their bodies.

Body art in India has changed significantly over the years. Besides being symbolic of identity and territory, tattoos are a blend of creativity and fashion. Today, tattoos are used as a means of conveying feelings, and experiences and capturing a moment in time. The symbolism of tattoos indicates a commitment to a cause. I believe that tattoo is more than just a piece of art; it's telling your life story.

The taboo of tattooing has been diluted in this area. Tattoos are becoming an extension of people's lives and personas. However, there is still a long way to go before we have a deep understanding of tattoo art.

There has been a boom in the tattoo business in India and it's immediately causing a stir across the world. With more than decades of experience in the industry, Tatau Tattoo & Piercing Studio is one of the best names in the tattoo business, was established and founded by J’son D’souza also known as Mr. Piercer. He is a professional in the field of body art – Tattoos & Piercings and has been in this industry for almost 20 years in Mumbai. His experience and expertise spans across the globe, he has been an educator in India and Europe. For comments, he can be reached on WhatsApp at +91 9619586969

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