Exploring piercing cultures across the globe

Exploring piercing cultures across the globe

The practice of body piercing has been part of the culture from ancient times. While some people may think it's a trend that grew out of the modern revolution, it's actually an ancient practice that has spread throughout history. Over the centuries, many cultures around the world have adopted it as their way of life. There is nothing revolutionary about body piercing; rather, it has been practiced in regions around the globe for centuries.

The ancient art of piercing

Body piercings such as nostril and ear piercings are the most popular. There is much evidence of their impact on history and discoveries from all over the world. It has been suggested that ear-piercing began around 5,000 years ago, based on the oldest mummified remains to have been documented wearing earrings. Historians have documented piercing of the nostrils going back as far as 1500 BC.

The practice of piercing ears and noses was widespread in many cultures, but the practice of lip and tongue piercings was common in African and American cultures. Ancient Rome and ancient India were among the cultures that pierced their nipples and genital organs.

Piercing Culture in Modern Times

Body piercing has seen highs and lows in Western cultures. People experimented more with non-traditional piercing sites after World War II, and piercings saw a dramatic rise. Body piercings had grown in popularity by the 1990s.

Piercings in Cultures

From all corners of the globe, piercing culture has had many interesting examples throughout history, including:

In various Native American cultures, piercing has long been an influential element of religious ceremonies. During the Crow Nation’s Sun Ceremony rites, piercings were performed as a method for inspiring powerful visions.

In southern India, during the Thaipusam Festival, many attendees have body piercings as a mark of respect.

It is customary for all female members of some tribes in Nepal, including the Hindus and the Kshatriyas, to have their noses pierced. This is a symbol of wealth and innocence.

What Is the Reason for Body Piercing in Mumbai?

There are countless different reasons for body piercing if you consider that many cultures have a history of body piercing. Piercings can serve as an extension of an individual's personality, a way to remember important life events or a way to honor spiritual beliefs.

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