Body art as a means of expressiveness

Today's society is embracing tattoos as a trend. From celebrities to athletes, tattoos are also popular among ordinary people. Tattoos allow people to express themselves and share stories. Despite this, some individuals view tattoos as vulgar or unethical.

According to a recent poll, many candidates felt that tattoos and piercings hurt their job interview chances. When an employer hires a candidate for a job, they assume the candidate must cover their tattoos. The level of a candidate's tattoos does not determine how qualified they are for a particular position.

Tattoo-hating employers ignore applications and assume people with tattoos are not reliable workers. Alternatively, many corporations recently overcame the difficulty of finding adequately qualified workers without tattoos by relaxing their recruitment policies. The company suffers in the long run when its employees are forced to conceal their tattoos. When companies see only the surface appearance of employees rather than view them as individuals, employees will believe the company does not respect their work ethic. Tattoos, however, boost workers' self-esteem, and they are more productive in an environment where tattoos are permitted.

Despite being aware of possible discrimination, tattoos continue to be popular in India. In some cases, people get tattoos to honour a loved one who has died or to express their passions. As a reminder not to give in to fears, some people have tattoos that represent their fears. Different cultures have different types of tattoos based on what they symbolize or like. According to Japanese culture, religion and art, Japanese tattoos carry several meanings.

The mainstream acceptance of tattoos is increasing in popularity. They aren't just for criminals anymore. People get to know each other better and begin to understand each other by understanding someone's tattoo motivation. It is not a reflection of a person's work ethic to have tattoos that hinder one's ability to find a job. One can express their individuality through tattoos. A person's character, not their skin colour, should be judged.

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