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Tatau Tattoos and Piercings, one of the best names in the business, was established and founded by J’son also known as Mr. Piercer who is a professional in the field of body art, piercings and tattoos. Over the past decade and a half, Mr. Piercer has ensured that the best is offered to our clients. An avid traveler, he travels across the world, learning and innovating to inculcate the newest and latest technologies into his work and hosts piercing workshops across the globe and here in India.


Siddhesh Surve

Siddhesh Surve, a.k.a Sid, is a Motorcycle enthusiast and a Body Piercing Apprentice. With an impressive background in Event Planning and Convention Management, Sid is always finding new avenues to build his portfolio, have a multifaceted profile, and become a master of his trade and craft.